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About the Author

Mark T Arsenault author of Semicolon - Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor imageMark is a military veteran, having served in the U.S. Air Force (Law Enforcement/Security Specialist) and served overseas in the first Gulf War. He’s worked for more than two decades in civil service, including a five year hiatus to run a publishing company full-time (he has more than 60 published credits to date).

Mark has proudly served his country and his community for more than 25 years. As part of that service, in 2009 he co-founded and since 2012 has co-facilitated a successful gang diversion and mindset program for state and county inmates. He fully supports the concept of public service, and knows first-hand the sacrifices necessary to secure the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy. He continued to serve the community by volunteering at a local ministry that serves former drug addicts, parolees and homeless veterans who are seeking to make a positive change in their lives.

Mark is the father of two beautiful girls, and a grandfather of two more! “I enjoy spending time with family,” Mark said, “Whether it’s having dinner together, supporting each other’s interests and hobbies, or taking a family vacation to go camping in the mountains or to a big amusement park, there’s nothing we like better than sharing that time together.”

Mark is also an avid reader in addition to being an amateur historian (with a focus on feudal Japan), and he loves to drive.

Mark is also a cancer survivor. In 2009 he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After two rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, with a major surgery in between, he’s been cancer free since November, 2009. In 2014 Mark was selected to be one of several people to participate as a spokesperson in the Center for Disease Control’s 2015 Anti-smoking Tips campaign.

Mark’s Message

If you’re approaching 40, I encourage you to get screened for colon cancer. I was always told that the recommended age for screening was 50. Had I not heeded some important symptoms and gotten checked I would have been dead years before that benchmark. So for your family and for you, get screened.

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