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Darren Watts to Edit Semicolon Book

Darren WattsI’m excited to tell you all that the manuscript has been sent to the new editor, Mr. Darren Watts. Mr. Watts has worked in the publishing industry for many years and has quite a resume, including former co-owner of the award-winning publishing company Hero Games, and author of amazing game books such as Millenium City, and Lucha Libre Hero.

His newest projects include The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook, which he wrote for Cubicle 7 Entertainment (for their Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG) and OmegaZone, which he edited for Brooklyn Indie Games.

Mr. Watts is an experienced writer, an accomplished business man, and I’m honored to say he’s also a good friend. Semicolon couldn’t be in more capable hands.

I expect the final edits and review will be completed this month, at which time the book will go to layout.

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“Semicolon takes a frank but humorous, and often witty, look at the procedures and events surrounding one man’s journey through colorectal cancer. It will enlighten and entertain you at the same time!”

Semicolon; Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor (ISBN: 978-1-890305-05-5) coming to print, e-book and audio book formats, June, 2014.


  1. Hi Mark….its Marlene. I loved your book. You are a hero in my eyes, I’m thinking of doing a book about my journey into how I’m trying to prevent my own blindness. Do you Danren would be able to direct me? Please let me know. Hope your family is doing well.
    Best wishes


    • Hi, Marlene. I think that’s a great idea! I’d be happy to help you out as you work on your book. Be sure to check out my personal blog at http://joinmeforsuccess.com, where I post videos that I record. I know it’d be a lot easier to listen to me talk than to try to read the small print.

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