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Honor Roll Reopened!

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I’ve re-opened the Honor Roll name submission period!

I want to honor as many colon cancer warriors as possible – both those who’ve been taken as well as survivors!

To submit a name to be published in the book, click here to go to the submission form.

The deadline is Sunday, June 22nd, at Midnight PST.




  1. Could I nominate myself? I was diagnosed at age 50, November 2006. Had bowel resection 2/2/07, losing over 1/3 of large intestine, all of my sigmoid colon and half my rectum; endured 6 months of chemo (during a VERY hot summer) with oxalypalatin, leukovorin, and 5-FU. Yes, every 2 weeks having to schlep a pack of chemo drugs (the trusty 5-FU) everywhere I went for 3 days each time.
    Earlier this year, I celebrated 7 years being cancer free. I have a lap band and have been healthily losing weight for the past 3 years, taking care in what I eat because of the band, but still able to eat & “remove” what I ate prior to dx & surgery.

  2. I submitted my sisters name back on June 12th. I do not see her name on the honor roll. She just had her surgery June 11th. I was very excited to buy her a copy and surprise her with her name in it. Do you know what might have happened? I just submitted her name again but i didnt want to confuse anyne with a repeat. What do i do?
    Thank you.
    Dana Nichols

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