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Thank you for submitting a name to the Semicolon Honor Roll. I’m proud to honor other colon cancer warriors, both those who’ve been taken from us as well as my fellow survivors. If you would like to honor someone — including yourself — who has had colon cancer, please submit the name and age at diagnosis. You can use the form below

If your submission was sent by the deadline date it will be published in the print and e-book versions of the book, as well as on this web site’s Honor Roll page! If it was sent after the deadline, it will be included in an updated edition of the e-book edition and on the Honor Roll page.

Thank you again for your submission.





  1. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2005 when I was 49. Mine is not the “normal” story of colon cancer found during a colonoscopy. Rather, I had an emergency appendectomy that yielded a mass in my appendix which turned out to be malignant, two weeks following which I had a colon resection where they found that the cancer had actually started in my colon and metastasized to my appendix. Two weeks after that, I was on every-other-week chemo for six months. My goal was to reach my 50th birthday. I’m happy to tell you I’ll be celebrating my 59th birthday this October!

  2. I was diagnosed at 54, underwent chemo/radiation/colon-resection/more chemo. I am an 8 year survivor.

  3. Colon cancer took away my mom, sister and brother, I was diagnosed at age 52. I have been cancer free for 8 yrs I’m still standing strong it wasn’t an easy journey but I wasn’t alone. I had lots of prayers and support. Now I direct a cancer support group to encourage and get the word out to get tested and supply reference materials that will help. My passion for gets stronger every I’m cancer free. Fight on everyone fight on!!

  4. I was first diagnosed in December 2009 at age 25, had surgery and removed all but 9 inches of colon luckily it was all contained in what was removed so no chemo was needed. March of this year I was diagnosed with a rare desmoid tumor connected to my remaining colon. The tumor was the size of both your hand ls side by side. After 3 rounds of chemo 3 day in a row every 3 weeks it has shrank almost 50 % .. praying 3 moths left of chemo then surgery.

    • That’s great news that the tumor has shrunk so much! I’m praying for an expecting a successful surgery and positive outcome, Ryan! Stay strong.

  5. My daughter Nicole Jackson stage 3-4 at age 17, I thought she broke a rib. 49 weeks of caco5 treatment in 01. Dont believe the 5 years your free, be vigilant. It has come back 14 years later in her female organs, pelvic floor stage 4, currently in treatment…she is my hero. My husband also had unrelated colon/rectal stage 2 is currently clean. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this disease.

    • You’re absolutely right, Lilly. It’s important to stay vigilant. I’m a proponent of people getting screened (colonoscopy). The temporary discomfort is worth it. My thoughts and prayers for your daughter, Nicole, and husband. And also for you. Being a caregiver is a challenge of its own and worthy of recognition.

      • Of course screening doesn’t apply to those 17 or 33, etc. Screening is restricted to those 50 and up, possibly younger if a close family member was diagnosed with crc. So how do we get this cancer discovered at early stages in those deemed by medical professionals and insurance companies “too young for colon cancer”? Compounding bad outcomes in younger people is that the cancer is often more agressive in the young. It is unacceptable that a change hasn’t been made so that many young lives can be saved. Had that change existed as little as 5 years ago, my wonderful son might still be alive. Instead he was diagnosed at 33 and died a mere 7 weeks later. Too late.
        (Please no religious replies.)

        • I heartily agree with testing younger people regardless of family history, especially when they experience symptoms but are diagnosed gluten intolerant, consitpated, etc. I lost a lovely daughter 6 months after diagnosed at age 35, when it was too late.

  6. I was diagnosed at 34. We found out because I started bleeding uncontrollably and was rushed to the hospital and had lost 5 units of blood. By the time they had got to me I could no longer hear or speak. Once I was stable they ran test and found 90% of my colon was blocked and that I had Mets on my liver. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.. I knew at that moment I had to fight. I have 4 kids and amazing husband. I did make it through all 12 rounds of chemo but it was really rough. During chemo I had and allergic reaction to the chemo. While fighting through the chemo I had 3 surgeries and died twice. I do have some issues because all the chemo but I am here. I spread the word to family, friend and even people I don’t know to please be check on anything from cancer yo your heart. Never put off today that could cause you not to be here tomorrow.

  7. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 54. My mom is the strongest woman I will ever know. She fought for 10 years and never let it knock her down. She started going downhill quickly in March of this year. All of the chemo treatments stopped working so she went on partial hospice. In April she needed full hospice, though she was still fighting hard and strong. She lost her battle on May 22. She was and is an inspiration to all of us.

  8. I was diagnosed at age 52 (this was in 1995) with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I did not have any of the symptom that they’re always warning us about with the exception I had a pain in my abdomen on the lower left hand side. Thinking it was due to some previous surgeries I wasn’t in a rush to find out the cause. Then I was going to take a trip to my birth country, and I knew that would involve lots of walking, so I went to doctor who immediately set me up fro my first colonoscopy. Within days I was in surgery and where they found a 10 inch tumor that had wrapped around a muscle (which was causing the pain) 5 out of 12 lymph nodes were positive so I ended up with 1 year of chemo. Administered through weekly injections of 5FU, and an oral ergamosil that I took every other week for 3 days. This year I celebrated my 10 anniversary and hope to add a few more 🙂

  9. Went through the grind again over the last 24hours. This 12 year stage 3 survivor is still clear and 8 pounds lighter 🙂

  10. I was 61 years old when I was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer on January 4, 2013. I had some symptoms such as blood in stool but I blamed that on constipation. When I started having some stomach pain before and after my bowel movements I decided I had better get checked out. I had been planning on having a colonoscopy since I turned 50 but kept putting it off. I did go try to get one ( in my early 50’s) but the doctor I went to said my insurance wouldn’t pay since I didn’t have any bad symptoms. That was my first mistake, should have gotten a second opinion. The cancer was removed and I took chemo for 5 months. I became deathly sick and was hospitalized for 1 1/2 weeks due to reactions from chemo. Hd PET scan in July and was cancer free. Then in October my numbers went up and another PET was done and showed it had metastasized into my liver. January 2014 I had over half my liver removed. My oncologist tried Erbatux but I had an almost fatal reaction to it and could not take it. I am currently taking Vectabix and Campstar every 2 weeks. Just had a CT scan and it showed I am once again cancer free. (praise the Lord). I am praying this will be my last time to go through the chemo treatments. I urge all my family and friends to get checked. It can save your life if caught in time! Thank you all for all you do.

  11. I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer when I was 50. They would not have found my colon cancer had my urogynocolgist not ordered a colonoscopy. They first found a tumor in my right ovary and planned on doing a laproscopic hysterectomy my doctor questioned by low blood count hence the colonoscopy. I finished up chemo last Nov and have been cancer free since Dec 2013

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