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Semicolon Book Update

Semicolon Paperback Cover150The manuscript came back from our awesome editor, Mr. Darren Watts, this past week. I was in the mountains camping with my family when the files came in but as soon as I got home Friday afternoon I went to work on getting the book files ready to send to the printer.

One change is the size of the book. After adding the pictures in, the page count ran higher than anticipated. So those of you planning to buy the book will be forced to receive 22 more pages than advertised. That’s right, the book weighs in at a healthy 182 pages!

I also ran into a small snag regarding the cover images and I ended up rebuilding those, so the final cover will look a tad different that the promo images elsewhere on this site. Here’s what the final paperback cover looks like (to the left).

The cover and text (interior) files for both the hardcover and the paperback editions are done and ready to send to the printer. That should be done tomorrow. There’s a minor technical glitch that prevented me from uploading the files via their website tonight but I expect that will be remedied tomorrow.

Once the files are uploaded to the printer, they will proof it and send the book info to Amazon for listing on that web site. Once all of the editions are posted and verified and available online I will let you know, and that’s also when I’ll be ordering the advance copies for those who have purchased signed and numbered Limited Edition copies of the book.

In other good news, I’ve uploaded the file for the Kindle edition, as well, and the Kindle version is actually available right NOW on the Amazon Kindle store at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LS5Q2IK. You can buy a copy, download a sample, and even borrow it from the Kindle Lending Library (if you’re a Prime member).






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