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Semicolon “Honor Roll” Announced

Semicolonthebook.com promo photoOriginally I was planning to have a section of the book that listed many, many well known public figures who have had colon cancer. As I was looking over the hundreds of names I realized that most of the people named had died from the disease. While I agree they should be remembered in a positive way and in no way should their deaths be minimized, my wife said something to me that got me thinking. She said to me:

“Why don’t you ask people to submit the names of people in their lives who’ve had colon cancer and honor THOSE people in your book?”

“That’s a fantastic idea!” I exclaimed. (There’s a reason she’s called my better half.) And like that I have decided to change the focus of that chapter. I want to honor my fellow colorectal cancer (CRC) warriors, both survivors and those who have crossed the veil.

So if you — or someone you know — has or had colon cancer, and would like to be listed in the “Honor Roll” part of my upcoming book, please send their name and the age at which they were diagnosed. Send the info to me via e-mail to mark [at] semicolonthebook [dot] com, and put the words “Honor Roll” in the subject line.

The deadline for submitting a name is April 30th. (I have to cut off the submissions at some point if I’m to get the book published on schedule.) I will include as many names as I can of those submitted.

Please share this post with everyone you know who has been touched by colon cancer. Let’s honor as many names as possible in the book and hit that goal to raise a million dollars for colon cancer research!


  1. Mark, Congrats on soldiering on. My younger sister past away at age 42 from colon cancer, but I am now almost 5 years out from colon cancer. We both have Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer syndrome that increases the risk of colon, uterine, and ovarian cancers. My older sister and I set up a nonprofit education group for Lynch syndrome, The Colon Cancer Alliance for Research and Education of Lynch Syndrome. Please visit us at http://www.fightlynch.org. –

    • Hi, Neil. I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s passing. My congratulations to you on being five years past colon cancer! That’s great news. And thank you for posting the information about Lynch. We all need to raise the awareness of these diseases.

  2. Hi, I am not sure we’re we are to leave the name of our loved one with colon cancer. So I thought I’d leave a commet here. My dad, Charlie Finney has had colon cancer since 2008, he is 81 years old now, and it has come down to the chemo hasn’t been helping.. He is doing pretty good he has his days. The cancer has spread to other areas of his body, the main one is the lungs, he is on oxygen now.. I think this is for wonderful of you to honor people with colon cancer. Thank you very much fir what you are doing!! :),

    • Hi, Cynthia. Thank you for posting and for your kind comments. I would love to include your dad’s name on the Honor Roll. Make sure you send his name and age at disgnosis to mark at semicolonthebook.com to ensure inclusion.

  3. First let me congratulate you on your success. My story goes like this…on September 10, 2012 I went in to my primary care doctor, Dr. Zarina Alam, MD complaining of fatigue and a low-grade fever. She ran a bunch of blood work which didn’t show anything so she sent me to an infectious disease doctor, who in know uncertain terms told me I was a drug addict as I was on a lot of medications as we tried to narrow things down. Went back to Dr. Alam, who ran more test and sent me to a rheumatologist. He was a colossal ass! I went back again to Dr. Alam, who decided a colonoscopy might be a good next step. On January 29 I had my colonoscopy which did show an inflamed ulcer..ding ding ding….at least the inflammation was a reason for the fevers. March 11th, 2013 I had my sigmoid colon removed and a week later I received a call with my stage and treatment plan. I was stage IIIA, and would need chemotherapy. I started on April, 11, 2013 & ended Oct 12,2013. As of right now I am in remission!!!

  4. As of January, 2014, I am five years cancer free. I went to my doctor complaining of extreme fatigue. My blood count was less than half the normal. That afternoon I was admitted to the hospital for a blood transfusion. My memory is foggy from that point.
    My blood count remained low even after more than one transfusion
    At that point doctors began testing to see where the blood was going.
    Diagnosis: colon cancer
    Action: immediate surgery
    I handled the surgery well but managed to get a staph infection resulting in time in a rehab facility.
    After returning home the drainage opening closed so I went to the ER to reopen it.
    It has been five years and I must still watch my diet and take medication before I eat.
    My brother, Randy L. York, was diagnosed at age forty-five. He had surgery, radiation and chemo. Sadly he passed away at age fifty–eight, but due to other causes, his colon cancer did not return.
    Dianne York Morgan, diagnosed shortly before my sixtieth birthday.
    Would be happy to answer questions wif needed.

    • I’m glad you’re still with us, Dianne. Make sure to send your name and your brother’s name (and ages at diagnosis) to mark at] semicolonthebook.com with “Honor Roll” in the Subject Line to make sure we honor both of you in the book!

  5. I had colon and liver cancer in 1998, they gave me a year to live. But I took aggressive chemo, SICK, SICK, but I’m still here today. I had part of my colon out and they cut my liver in half, but the liver grows back. But every one show be checked regularly. I was only 48 at the time and the doctors say at the age of 50, but if you have any of the symptoms, please get checked. I went to a doctor for years and complain but he didn’t do anything. So I ended up in the hospital and that’s when it was found. So be persisted, if you don’t get results from one doctor go to another one.

    • Hi, Anne. Congratulations on your survival! Make sure to send your info (name and age at diagnosis) in tothe be listedthe in thea Honor Roll sectionsection of theyou book! Email itto to mark (at) semicolonthebook.com with “Honor Roll”in in the subject line.

  6. I love you have wrote a book about this horrible cancer. My husband is a survivor also and you would be surprise at the fact 3 doctors said he has other things. It was not until I found the right doctor that knew what to do and how to prove things with proper test that we found the truth out and it was almost to late. I love that you are honoring others who have fought and won. I messaged you on FB to let you know his name if you choice to use it. I look forward to running the rump shaker in honor of him and others who have fought.

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